Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Best Cold and Flu Tip: Warming Socks

Warming socks are an excellent hydrotherapy treatment for congestion from cold and flu. Hydrotherapy is a fantastic way to stimulate circulation of the lymphatic system and to improve immune system function. This is the very first thing I do when I feel the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on.

Warming socks will improve symptoms such as nasal and sinus congestion, headache, fullness in the ears or head, runny nose and other common symptoms of illness. Many patients also report a better nights rest, which we know is important for proper immune system function.

To do a warming socks treatment:

1. Soak a pair of socks in cold water. Use thin cotton socks if possible, or cotton sports socks. Wring out all excess water.
2. Pull wet socks onto feet. (This is only uncomfortable for a minute or so)
3. Cover with a pair of wool socks (you need to use a sock made of breathable material)
4. Sleep overnight with socks on.

In the morning, you will find that the socks are dry. Throughout the night, your body has worked to heat and dry the socks which has improved your circulation and has also helped to relieve some of the congestion from the head.

Try this treatment for three consecutive nights to reduce the length and severity of your cold or flu.

Note: this is also an excellent treatment for improving blood flow to the lower limbs which is helpful for healing after surgery, varicose veins and complications of diabetes.

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