Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rebounding for the Lymphatic System

Rebounding basically means bouncing on a mini trampoline and is an excellent way to improve the movement of the lymphatic system!

Movement of the lymphatic system is important for detoxification and immune system function. By improving lymphatic movement we can improve circulation of the immune system - important for warding off the everyday cold and flu as well as prevention of cancer.

The lymphatic system consists of vessels throughout the body however unlike the vascular system, the lymphatic system lacks a pump and one way valves to control movement. To move the lymphatic system we largely rely on the action of our muscles.

When the muscles of our body contract, they pump the lymphatic vessels and move the lymph fluid throughout the body.

While any type of exercise will improve lymphatic movement, rebounding is known as one of the most effective exercises in accomplishing this.

Try rebounding for 10 minutes each day and incorporate as much arm movement as you can. Aim for small, controlled bounces while swinging the arms as if swimming, doing jumping jacks, boxing, touching your elbows to your knees, etc.

Rebounding for 10 minutes has a cardio effect comparable to jogging for 30 minutes. Additional benefits to rebounding include: weight loss, improved energy levels, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved oxygenation of the body and stress reduction.

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